Capture Royal Windsor through your own lens

We offer an exclusive photography enthusiast’s guided tours of this royal town. Join us for a truly unique and visually captivating Windsor photo walk adventure, through the heart of history and royalty.

Why Choose Our Photo Tours?

Small Groups: We keep our tour groups small to ensure personalized attention and a comfortable atmosphere for capturing amazing shots.

winter in the great park

Bespoke itinerary: We will discuss with you what sorts of photos you like to take and what sort of a day you want to have. From this we will create a plan for the day that is unique to your groups interests.

Iconic Locations: With Windsor Castle, The river Thames, Eton College, The Great Park and Historic Windsor town itself to choose from there are lots of options to explore. Your guide will also take you to hidden spots that only locals know about.

Perfect Timing: Our guides understand the nuances of lighting, ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time to capture Windsor’s beauty in its best light. We also know when events such as the Changing of the Guard take place and can ensure you are in a good spot at the right time to capture the action.

What to expect on our Windsor photo tour

Scenic Strolls: We’ll take you on leisurely walks through Windsor’s charming streets and along the picturesque River Thames.

thames dusk

Historical Insights: Learn about the rich history of the area and the stories behind the famous landmarks you’re capturing.

Local Flavors: Enjoy a stop at a cozy café or traditional British pub to sample local delicacies and recharge for more photography.

Sunset Magic: Some tours are designed to capture the magic of Windsor during the golden hours, making for incredible sunset photos.

A great local guide who really loves Windsor’s history and enjoys the challenge of finding great photo opportunities.

Our Windsor photo walk tours are perfect for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you’re an amateur with a smartphone or a seasoned photographer with a DSLR, you should leave with a portfolio of breathtaking images and a deeper connection to the regal beauty of Royal Windsor.

olympic lake

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your passion for photography into unforgettable memories. Call us today to discuss your options and embark on an extraordinary visual journey through Royal Windsor’s streets and stories on a Windsor photo walk.